Exhibitor and Attendee Testimonials


“I love the energy and atmosphere at Fame – it’s really fabulous! I attended for the first time in August and was happy with my experience in September as well. I really liked the brands on the floor – especially Ark & Co, Freeway and A’reve at FAME. Overall, I just really loved it. I wish the shows were more frequent!”

Valerie Duardo
Mint Market (Hoboken, NJ)

“The Fame show is great! We've had a wonderful response to our product, a lot of foot traffic and we’re happy with the quality of buyers here. New York is definitely always an important city for us because you get buyers from the tri-state area. We are exposed to a greater customer base just by being here.”

Erika Rosborg
Kenneth Cole Reaction

“What we love about Fame is that it’s highly organized and it caters to both its buyers and designers. We’ve been getting buyers from all different tiers and it has been very busy which is great. One of the biggest perks is the complimentary food carts – you never have to leave the booth when you’re busy.”

Joni Fiore
Others Follow

“Fame is an important show for us. Trends seem to start in New York, so it is great to be in a show based in New York. We are very happy with the buyers we see and the traffic is great.”

Hailey Kim
Just Black

“Fame is a great show with great ambience. I like it because it’s not as stuffy as other shows; it provides relaxed, cool shopping environment that allows us to see the buyers we need to see!”

Felicia Stokes
Standards & Practices

“We have only been around for two years and for our first show in New York, we did very well! We were definitely happy with the quality of buyers. We had been looking around at all the shows for the right match for us and I think we found it. Our buyer is more contemporary and our price point fits FAME. It is a good mix!”

Omar Dittu
Patrons of Peace

“Fame, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan were great and I discovered new designers. I also like that the shows hand out complimentary bags and offer free lunch. You don’t get that anywhere else!”

Marilyn Goffin
23 South (Morristown, NJ)

“We have two locations in Brooklyn and I assist the owner at Fame, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan. We had a fabulous time in May and did some really great buying. The vendors were great quality. We visited a lot of the exhibitors we already buy from but we saw a handful of new ones too. One of the new accounts we picked up was Nameless – which is fabulous!”

Kristin Creighton
Fanaberie (Brooklyn, NY)

“FAME is great! Really amazing! We saw good quality buyers. We’re here for the local retailers the show attracts, to meet new customers and for the better opportunities and relationships that you gain being apart of the show.”

Harry Choi
Double Zero

“FAME was awesome! We did very good and sold even more than expected. We accomplished what we did in Dallas within one hour of being here. I also love how well-treated exhibitors are. I just love the shows!”

Stanley O.
The Classic

“This is our first FAME show and we have a great spot on the floor located around good brands. We were looking to open accounts with specialty stores and that’s exactly who has been coming in. Traffic is good and we got a lot of contacts.”

Kacy Myshka
Ali & Kris

“We’re here at FAME because we’re a business, first and foremost. It’s important exposure for us because we can appeal to the New York market and see stores we might not have seen on the West Coast. We’re always looking for new customers. We also like the Vintage Candy Bar – all the little details make everything look perfect.”

Yahaira Zuniga
Lucy Paris

“We enjoy going to FAME, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan because there are always a lot of good exhibitors. We really like how everything is close together. All three shows are in one spot which is what we love about them.”

Denise Earley
The Boutique (Stowe, VT)

“I come to every BJI Fashion Group show and they have just grown very nicely. The setup is really pretty! I think you guys have done a great job at making everything look and feel upscale. Also, the lunch is good! We really appreciate that it’s there because we’re always so busy. Without a good lunch, my girls get tired! Thank you.”

Lisa Gavin
Alapage (Bedford, NH)

“It was our first time at FAME, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan. The shows are bright, clean, and fresh with a really good layout. They are still big and there’s plenty to see, but not so big that you get lost. You know right where to go and the floor is easy to navigate. I also took advantage of the free on-site amenities and got a manicure at the Beauty Spa which was great. These shows are very much catered to the buyers. They treat their buyers well and make them feel appreciated. The shows had everything I needed and exceeded my expectations. It was a good experience all around.”

Anna Avrett
Vignettes (Augusta, GA)

“FAME, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan in January were great! We picked up a few new designers which is good because we’re always on the hunt for new talent. It’s hard to point out one thing; everything about the shows was good!”

Ashley Ernest
Urban Gypsy (Roanoke, VA)

“We shopped FAME, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan. My favorite part about these shows is the organization behind it all. We discovered a lot of new designers because the show was so well laid out and easy to shop. These brands stood out to us and were easy to find. We have a wide range of clientele and it’s easy for us to find new things for each. It was a very successful trip and we will continue to go back.”

Maryalice Lazarus
Rogers Trading Company (Birmingham, AL)

“We saw an increase of larger buying groups at this past January edition of Fame. We met with retailers that had over 100 locations, which resulted in a greater ability for us to reach our sales goals with just a single client. For Whitney Howard Designs, it is imperative that we participate in the January show as this is a kick off to the whole year and an indication of retailers' buying habits. We reach important fashion-forward clients at Fame and establish a look and feel for the rest of the year."

Howard Schwartz
Whitney Howard Designs

"Traffic was steady with quality retailers at the January edition of Fame. It is important for us to exhibit at Fame because we are a younger brand and it fits with the retailer base at the show. We love the exposure our brand receives at Fame and Kim is amazing – she is very friendly and checks on us throughout the show.”


“We exhibit at Fame twice a year. It’s a very good show- everyone is helpful, the sales team is very good to us, and we always have a great location on the show floor. In September, we had a mix of existing, potential, and new customers visit our booth.”

Megan Chafin
Judith March

“It was our first time exhibiting at Fame and we definitely did a lot of business. Traffic was great and we had quality retailers visit our booth such as the Century 21 Stores and Joyce Leslie. The show looked beautiful and the Fame staff is great.”

Abe Grazi
Maison Blanche

“The quality of buyers that attend Fame is always good! I was happy to see the South Moon Under girls and Modcloth buyers there. Also, the Fame sales team is super accommodating and goes above and beyond for their exhibitors. It’s a good show!”

Michelle Phillipps
Dylan & Rose

“We were busy at the September edition of Fame! We wrote some really great orders and are super pleased with all the new accounts we accumulated- many of which are multiple location stores. We had a great position on the show floor and just an overall good experience. We will definitely be back!”

Claudia Argiro

“Fame is by far the best trade show in the country! We do them all- from East Coast to the West Coast- and it’s hands down the most accommodating show for buyers. At the September edition, retailers were not only buying- but eager to do so.”

Lorraine & Michael Abrams
Restricted Shoes

“I attend Fame, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan because the vendors that I need to see are there. I also like the Javits; I prefer when shows are at convention centers.”

Bethany Mazza
Green Ink Boutique (Wickford, RI)

“Fame, AccessoriesTheShow and Moda Manhattan are easy to navigate and laid out very well. They are always a good place to get a feel for what’s coming in fashion. Also, I really like the venue and how everything is all together. It’s convenient and we get a lot done in one swoop!”

Diane Maxey
The Shoe Closet (Wichita Falls, TX)

“The quality of exhibitors at Fame, Moda Manhattan and AccessoriesTheShow is good as well as the layout of the shows. There was definitely a good merchandise mix at the September editions. We picked up at least one or two new designers.”

Alicia Eger
Coco Blu (Wayne, PA)

“The quality of exhibitors at Fame is good. We attend for the price points and found what we were looking for.”

Elizabeth Zeppernick
Whim (Burlington, VT)

“We had a good time shopping at Fame. We wrote an order with a new shoe vendor that we are very excited about. It was a successful trip.”

Sarah Paris
Messes of Dresses (New Haven, CT)

“What I like most about Fame and AccessoriesTheShow is that there are so many vendors in one place; you can get a lot done. Also, it is easy to get around the show floors and find what you are looking for. The overall quality of exhibitors is great. We mainly visited the booths of the brands we always do business with such as Steve Madden for shoes and Street Level for handbags.”

Kasey Clyde
My Favorite Shoes (Oxford, MS)

“The shows are definitely work but we always have a really good experience at Fame and AccessoriesTheShow. The quality of exhibitors was great and our May trip was successful. We always find what we are looking for when we attend.”

Brooke Clement
Alice Jane (Lutherville Timonium, MD)

“We always have a good experience at Fame, AccessoriesTheShow, and Moda Manhattan. It’s easy to register, they are well-laid out, easy to get to, and the transportation is great – it’s all very convenient! Easy shows with good quality exhibitors.”

Brittany Carlson
Dalton Pratt (Washington, DC)

“We shopped the May editions of Fame, AccessoriesTheShow, and Moda Manhattan. We like coming to New York and love how everything is all in one place at the Javits; it makes it easy. I thought the quality of exhibitors on the floor was great. We’re able to see exhibitors in the New York area that we don’t see anywhere else and the show is beautiful.”

Iva Fearing
Tassels (Morehead City, NC)

“We were able to see our business grow as we met with new stores in our great location at Fame. The quality of buyers who placed orders with us was great too!”

Sam Paik

“We do well at the Fame show. The variety of buyers is amazing; we see everything here from boutiques to department stores to dot com’s - we come for that!”

Jenni Meagher
Coffee Shop

“Fame has been fantastic! The foot traffic has been awesome and our booth here at Steve Madden is great.”

Ryan Pine
Steve Madden

“It’s always a pleasure to be at Fame. We are able to write with fantastic stores and the show gets better and better each time. The staff is fantastic and very helpful as well.”

Steve Lee
Just USA

“We’ve had a great show overall! The Fame team was a pleasure to work with and buyers were very positive about the state of business!”

DV by Dolce Vita

“FAME in New York has been a great platform to expose our line to not only the small boutiques, but to larger retailers as well. You never know who you'll meet and the reaction to this season's line has been remarkable. Business has picked up every year since we started the show and we have developed a significant loyal customer base through FAME.”

Yul Kwon

"We're looking forward to the next Fame show!"

Richard Bilgray
Ocean Drive Clothing

"At Local Celebrity we are all about working hard while keeping it fun. The vibe at Fame in August was one in the same and it fit our aesthetic perfectly. We wrote an incredible amount of business in an inviting atmosphere filled with all our favorite accounts."

Maggie M. Murphy
Local Celebrity

"The Fame show in August was a welcoming surprise consisting of many new attendees that resulted in a more than expected opening of new accounts. We were pleased with the traffic flow and happy to see the aisles busy with buyers hungry for Immediate Fall goods. The inviting new layout of the show floor was equally as pleasing with its contemporary feel and the show was fabulously run."

Beth Oberfest
Cult of Individuality

"This was the third year Ark & Co. has participated in Fame. Each year, we are impressed with its increasing number of participants and continuing success. Fame always seems to showcase great new design inspirations and the latest fashion trends that help build a fashion forward community. With the great support and partnership from the show's staff members, we were able to enjoy another successful show!"

Kevin Lee
Ark & Co.

"Fame is a fabulous show. As soon as you walk into the exhibit hall, you get a feeling of excitement! Fame draws buyers in by being so bright, colorful, and exciting and keeps buyers uplifted with a great DJ. Attendance at the January edition was great and buyers were writing orders."

Lorraine Abrams
Restricted Shoes

"Fame never fails to impress us. Our January show had a lot of traffic and the outcome was great!"

Erik Park
Flying Tomato

"September was our first time exhibiting at Fame and overall it was great! It was an incredible way to network and meet new buyers on the East Coast. The venue was awesome and the amenities surpassed our expectations. We can't wait for the next show!"

Marcelo Pak
Skies Are Blue

"Fame continues to NOT disappoint! Great brand exposure and buyers from far and wide are the reasons we keep coming back!"

Dani Eisenman
Dresses & Other Drugs

“FAME in February was a wonderful show for us and we opened many new accounts. The whole sales team is the best to work with; customer satisfaction is definitely a priority. Can’t wait for the next show!”

Michael Abrams
Groove Footwear

“We shopped all three shows and LOVED it! I thought there was a wide selection of vendors and great variety on the show floor. We were very satisfied and can’t wait to go back.”

Stavroulla Ploutis Kokkinis
3 Sisters (Alexandria, VA)

“I loved all three shows and everything I could possible want was there. The quality of designers was great, plus everyone was very friendly and I liked the venue.”

James Wilson
House of Jawi (Bernardsville, NJ)

“It was our first time to the New York shows and I thought they were great. There was a really nice mix of exhibitors and we found several new lines. We’ll definitely be back.”

Sandy Moore
AliKat (Glen Ellyn, IL)

“It was my first time attending the August edition of Fame; it definitely exceeded my expectations. The quality of vendors was above average and the price points were what I was looking for. I thought the shuttle buses were a great convenience to the retailers. I look forward to attending future shows.”

Stephanie Rozanovich
Trend Boutique (Cincinnati, OH)

"This was our first time exhibiting in Fame and the whole show went very well for us. We had retailers in and out of our booth throughout all three days and we met the sales goals we had set. Our account executive Jenna Brown is fabulous and I love the location of the Javits so much more than other show locations. We look forward to exhibiting again in August."


"Overall, the May edition of Fame was a successful show for us. Fame is always a good market because we are able showcase our line to so many different buyers. The customers we met at the recent show were great. All of us at RYU: thought we stood out the most at the show because of our handmade back drop and we feel the Fame team always does a great job decorating the show. We can not wait until we are back in August."

Won Ji Han

"The August Fame show exceeded expectations, as usual. The layout was nice, the service wonderful, and the traffic incredible. We did not know what to expect from this show but as always we came away with lots of new orders. The most interesting and unexpected reward that came from this show was that more than half of the orders we wrote were with new customers. Amazing! Thank you, Fame!"

Paul Yi
Sugar Lips

"I found new designers and placed orders at Fame in August. There was a nice variety of merchandise at the show. I liked the venue and the layout of the show - it was easy to work. Also, the amenities were nice and convenient."

Erinn White Legendre
Posh Boutique (Baton Rouge, LA)

"Fame just keeps getting better! I love how the show has incorporated new, contemporary designers into the junior and young contemporary mix. My stores found many great, new resources to work with. Also, the quality and price points of the products are amazing. There is a great energy at Fame which makes you want to be there; I am really excited to see this show take a new form and continue growing in all the right directions."

Diane Resnick
Fashion Express Buying LLC (New York, NY)

“I thought Fame looked great; I loved the décor. I also found a new designer, Monoreno, which I am now carrying in my store.”

Miranda Lancaster
The Yellow Button (Harrisonburg, VA)

"We look forward to attending Fame at the Javits Center in New York because we always find new merchandise. The venue is easy to shop and the shows are well laid out. There are a lot of choices and product to buy. At this past edition of Fame, we did extremely well with footwear and know our customers will be excited with our recent finds."

Stacey Manganella
344 (Boston, MA)

“As a first time exhibitor at FAME, I couldn't have been more pleased with the production and outcome of this show. While the knowledge and attentiveness of the coordinators and staff was certainly a plus, it was the high traffic and quality of motivated buyers that really exceeded my expectations. From top to bottom, FAME is in a league of its own.”

Sonia Roldan
Judith March

“This was our best Fame show yet! The traffic on the show floor was nonstop, the complimentary food was delicious, and the overall energy was contagious. We really enjoy participating in the show, and are thrilled with the results.”

Kady Kuendel
Alternative Apparel

”Fame continues to be a great show! The show provides exposure to a wide range of new accounts worldwide. As a new brand, Fame plays an integral role in fostering immediate, as well as future business for the seasons ahead, and continues to make our company a more serious player in the fashion industry. RD STYLE is looking forward to the next edition of FAME - Thank you!”

Samantha Hollinger
RD International USA

“I loved having the FAME September dates added. It turned out to be a great show with lots of immediate and future orders written! The show also looked awesome.”

Kevin Morris

“The September FAME debut had an impressive amount of people. It was so nice to see many new customers as well as regular customers excited about our new Trends. Based on this show, it appears that retail store owners are really spending money to fill up their stores with accessories again.”

Lisa Zampolin