Fame – Designer Spotlight: TCEC

Esther Chong



Booth: 119


Describe your Immediate Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.

TCEC’s 2013 collection is an eclectic mix of chiffons and laces. You will still see lots of studs, laser-cuts and sheer lace accents. This season we are also dramatizing maxi skirts and long pants with bold prints, chiffon and lace overlays.


Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own?

We are always searching for new inspiration so it really depends on what we think will look best on our customers and which season we’re designing for. We like to take concepts from current trends and morph them into TCEC’s style through noticeable embellishments and fabric mixtures.


What is your brand doing to address the growing importance of social media and how has it impacted your business?

TCEC is in the process of taking advantage of the popularity that social media offers. Soon we will be on Instagram, so get a head start and hashtag #TCEC in your photos!


If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?

Chloe Grace Moretz is an amazing teen actress and has such a loveable character in each role she takes on. I would love to style her in TCEC because she is a great role model for the young girls who wear the brand. That is rare in Hollywood these days.


How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?

I love Stylesight and Vanity Fair, but in this industry it’s all about what real people want. Anyone and everyone can be a style icon in today’s world of the internet and I love browsing Chictopia.com and Fashiongloss.com. These sites support many street bloggers and really show what the world is loving, even if it’s only popular for a split second.


What three items are essential to you during market week?

In order for market week to run smoothly, everyone here can agree on the three essentials: internet, water and a positive attitude!