Fame – Designer Spotlight: Nameless

Jennifer Park

Creative Director

Booth: 258


Describe the Nameless girl.

The Nameless girl is a trendsetter. She is not afraid of taking chances or standing out in a crowd. She defines herself with original ideas and style (rather than a label) and is always looking for high-quality pieces at affordable prices.


Since the brand’s creation in Spring 2012, how has it evolved into one of the most sought after young contemporary brands?

Through social media and the help of our retailers, we have received high demand. We are praised for providing our consumers with pieces that force heads to turn by utilizing rich colors and varied textures.


How do you go about deciding which trends are important for the season?

I trust my instincts when it comes to trends. I observe and research, but mostly think about what I would really wear.


What are some reoccurring trends the brand has focused on this season?

This season our brand has focused on the punk grunge and sporty-luxe themes. We channeled the 90s grunge rock bands and interpreted them in our own ways.


What is one “must-have” item from your Immediate Holiday/Resort 13-14 collection?

Our faux leather overalls are a “must-have” this season.


What is a key factor in producing high-quality fashion at an affordable price point?

I never compromise when it comes to high-quality fabrics and trims. I try to custom develop great fabric with mills that have competitive prices.


How do you personally stay up-to-date with fashion?

I love to shop and I travel all over the world for new and innovative finds!


What is your favorite New York City hangout?

When I am in the city, I love revisiting my favorite restaurants such as Mercer Kitchen and Supper. I just really enjoy great food with great company.