Fame – Designer Spotlight: inLUV





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Describe the inLUV girl.  
The inLUV girl is one who is young, stylish, fun, flirty and girly. She has a dazzling sense of fashion and knows how to flirt with it.

Does the brand try to keep with the trends or create its own? 
The inLUV brand keeps up with the current trends and is a trendsetter. We like to create our own unique trends by adding a twist of our own taste to make it trendy and modern. We are constantly inspired by our surroundings and as a result are not afraid to try new things.

Name one “must-have” item for Immediate Fall/Winter Preview ’14.
One must-have item from our Immediate Fall/Winter Preview ‘14 collection is an embroidered or beaded kimono. These kimonos are very detail-oriented yet simple and unique to their own look and feel. inLUV kimonos are playful and so easy to wear!

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this upcoming season?
This upcoming season retailers will be draw to the inLUV collection because it is fresh, edgy, urban, fashion savvy and beautiful. They can find a broad array of styles in the collection from tops to bottoms, dresses, and of course, our “must-have” kimonos. Our affordable price points combined with amazing quality will draw retailers in and keep them coming back for more.

What is your personal fashion philosophy?
My personal fashion philosophy is that fashion should be fun and not a chore. I believe that everyone has their own style and fashion; some have discovered it and some have not.