Fame – Designer Spotlight: Bluejuice

Mish Vizesi

Head Designer


Booth: 652


Describe the Bluejuice girl.

The Bluejuice girl wants the latest on trend pieces with a twist at an affordable price point. She loves fashion but has fun with it and wears it her own way. She wants an adaptable wardrobe with a few statement party dresses that can take her from desk to date or beach to bar.


What are some of your favorite retailers in the United States that currently carry Bluejuice?

We are lucky to have some really supportive retailers in the U.S. such as Urban Outfitters, Amazon.com, South Moon Under, ModCloth.com, Swoon Boutique and Vanilla Sky.


Tell us a little about the line’s celebrity and pop culture inspiration.

The Bluejuice girl loves celebrities. Therefore, I look to the latest “It” girls for inspiration. Cara Delevingne is my current fave; she has a unique way of styling her wardrobe and has a quirky sense of humor that our market identifies with. I also take strong direction from upcoming music, film and TV. For example, The Great Gatsby and Game of Thrones have been high on the radar here in Sydney the last few months so I have reflected some of that inspiration in the ranges.


What is one “must-have” item from your Immediate Holiday/Resort 13-14 collection?

The Queen of Sheba dress! It’s a digital print bodycon dress with a majestic lion’s head draped in jewels and striking gold sequin panels. This is THE dress to wear if you want to be noticed.


How has the label developed over time?

Bluejuice is the youngest label in the Seduce family and was originally conceived as a faster to market, more price-pointed sister label. We’ve definitely grown a lot and are now forging our own identity as a stand alone brand. Bluejuice has now started to branch into exclusive development for some large retailers, which has proved to be successful, and we plan on expanding that going forward.


How would you define your city’s fashion?

Our office is based in Sydney in an area which has a diverse mix of young people of different cultures and a thriving art and music scene. It is a great place to people watch as there are cool little cafés, bars and galleries on every corner. Fashion here is very experimental. It’s really inspiring.