Designer Spotlight – RJ Girl

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL FASHION PHILOSOPHY?  I believe fashion runs in historical cycles. I also believe in a strong need for individuality and self expression from these cycles to be relevant in interpreting footwear design.Click Here to View Other Designer Spotlight Interviews

DESCRIBE YOUR IMMEDIATE FALL/WINTER 2011 COLLECTION.  I felt this was not the time to flirt with outrageous designs and concepts. For Fall 2011 I focused my attention on creating a twist to classic American inspired footwear. The line is very playful but in a familiar way.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE COLLECTION?  Collectable Vintage is what inspired me for Fall 2011. Nothing is conventional; however I have flirted with materials and colors to re-inspire classic American.

WHAT ARE THE MUST HAVES FOR THIS SEASON?  Our must have item this season has to be the Alyona. The Alyona is a color blocked platform opened up just enough so it can show off a great pair of knee high socks.

WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL DRAW RETAILERS TO YOUR COLLECTION THIS SEASON?  I feel what will draw retailers to my line for Fall 2011 is the focus I have put on several key clothing trends. I have created footwear that will complete and hopefully enhance the look.

IF YOU COULD DRESS A CELEBRITY, WHO DO YOU FEEL FITS YOUR PRODUCT IMAGE AND WHY?  The celebrity who best fits the product image of RJ girl Fall 2011 would be Ellen Page.  She personifies an intellectual, indie edge but is also very practical. “Practically Hip” best describes the RJ girl customer.

WHAT ARE THREE ITEMS THAT ARE ESSENTIAL TO YOUR DURING MARKET WEEK?  6 Zebra 402 pens, my iPhone, and a bottle of Advil will get me through anything. 

Company:  RJ girl

Contact:  Jeff Goulding

Title:  Design Director


Booth:  1921