Designer Spotlight – Luluvia, Inc.

IF YOU COULD DRESS A CELEBRITY, WHO DO YOU FEEL FITS YOUR PRODUCT IMAGE AND WHY?  None other than the amazing and beautiful Blake Lively.  She embodies our collection because she knows exactly how to twist feminine pieces with modern trends. She has a romantic and feminine aura about her that is thoroughly accentuated in our collection. Click Here To View Other Designer Spotlight Interviews

DESCRIBE YOUR IMMEDIATE FALL/WINTER 2011 COLLECTION.  Our collection puts a modern twist on femininity by balancing elaborated romantic looks with versatility and the ease of a casual life style. We feature definitive details and soft prints that are perfect for day and night and work and play. Luluvia, Inc. exudes sensible pieces with exceptional attention to detail and originality. 

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE COLLECTION?  Our inspiration comes from everywhere. Not just tangible and visual aspects, but also certain feelings and experiences. From nature, paintings, and music—inspiration is limitless to us.

WHAT ARE THE MUST HAVES FOR THIS SEASON?  The must haves for this season are a functional leather jacket enhanced and lined with fur, a fine, classic wool blazer and feminine Boho (type of bohemian style) tops and dresses.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL FASHION PHILOSOPHY?  The main emphasis lies in enhancing the femininity of an individual at its moment in time. Our fundamental goal in developing our line is to dress a woman who loves to feel just that, like a woman. We create for a woman who loves timeless elegance with an emphasis on frilly chiffons, sexy laces and pretty silhouettes. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL DRAW RETAILERS TO YOUR COLLECTION THIS SEASON?  Because of our current economic conditions retailers are attracted to styles that project fashion longevity and practicality. Here at Luluvia, we vow to satisfy the current fashion needs and wants of the modern woman. We accept nothing less than perfection in the execution and quality of our merchandise.


Company:  Luluvia, Inc.

Contact:  Nina Pak and Allen Kim

Title:  Show and Marketing


Booth:  2026