Designer Spotlight – Local Celebrity

Maggie M. Murphy

Account Executive/Product Development East

Booth: 2719


Describe your Immediate Holiday/Resort 11-12 Collection.

Local Celebrity’s Holiday 2011 line is based on whimsical, vintage inspired, fashion-forward, silhouette-driven graphic tops. They pair just as easily with denim as they do with sequins.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

The inspiration behind the collection is that thrilling feeling of finding the perfect vintage piece, without the hassle that can be involved.

What is your “must-have” item this season?

A must-have for the season is one of our killer 3/4 sleeve raglan tops. They are buttery-soft, complement all the right areas, and are inspired just enough by the 70s to pair perfectly with high-waisted denim.

What is your personal fashion philosophy?

My personal fashion philosophy is: “Make it your own and allow your style to complement your confidence.”

What do you think will draw retailers to your collection this season?

Retailers will be drawn to the collection because ofour contemporary silhouettes, clever graphics, rich color palette, and impeccable fit – all at a savvy price point.

If you could dress a celebrity who you feel fits your product image, who would it be and why?

I would choose to dress Katy Perry. She is not afraid to be daring, possesses a vintage flair, and owns her fashion choices while keeping it fun.

What three items are essential to you during market week?

I would have to say three items essential to me are million dollar orders, a wish-granting genie, and my sample collection.